Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Construction of Adolescence- Nakkula

Ten words/concepts that are confusing or contribute to the major concepts of the text:
1. Maligned: did not know the word.
2. "...frightening for Danielle since it exposes what she feels is the lack of credibility or cultural capital she needs to interact with him in a way that feels comfortable.": I did not understand what the concept of this statement was.  Was she trying to say she doesn't understand him as a person so she cannot communicate comfortably with him? I feel like if that is the case, than this statement is very important to the chapter. 
3. "Unwilling or Unable to simply talk to her about his fears...": This is a powerful piece of the text, because it shows how and why many students act out in the classroom. It is more than just bad behaviors, there are reasons behind it that her or she is unwilling or unable to share.  
4. "...they are constructing implicit theories about their classroom, adults in their lives, their peers, and, by extension, forming theories about themselves.": important to the major concept of this text about how experiences with others shape our own lives. 
5. Tested Knowledge: unsure of its meaning. 
6. Pathologized: I'm sorry, what? confusing word alert!   
7. "As school-based professionals we are active contributors to the co-construction of adolescents in our work": I think this concept is key to the text, and also KEY for all types of educators to know.  
8. "They must imagine who or what they might become, based on who they are or hope to be, and in doing so they must experiment with getting there.": this is important to the concept of the text about adolscents constructing themselves through trial and error. 
9. "...ultimately, however, the meaning they make of their experiences is theirs, regardless of how it may match or conflicts with ours.": Very important to the text and to understanding this co-construction concept. The youth and the adult may have different or similar views of a situation, but how that youth interprets it has nothing to do with how the adult may interpret the situation. 
10. Work Relationally: a word and concept I feel many educators need to understand and use in and outside of the classroom. 

10 People that have Co-Constructed My Life: 
1. Mom: positively & negatively
2. Dad: +, -
3. Brandon: +
4. Lauren: +
5. Bullies in school: +, -
6. Lesley Bogad: + 
7. Cousins:+, -
8. Cindie: +
9. Jared: +, -
10. Mrs. Flynn: +; from a negative situation

I chose to speak about Lesley Bogad and how she has greatly impacted my life and who I am/hope to be.  I feel as though she has had one of the greatest impacts in my life to date.  I may not see Lesley everyday, and I may not speak to her all the time, but she has provided a complete safe space and person for me in my life.  Lesley has really laid out a path for my thinking style to walk on, and has connected with me more than any other educator or person in my life.  I feel like when I watch and listen to Lesley that she is the person I aim to be one day, and she is everything I have wanted to be.  She has shown me that it is okay to be different, think differently, and embrace differences.  I was always shot down my whole life for being different, looking different, and thinking so much more maturely (as many people would phrase it).  The reason I was thinking maturely is because I was thinking about not just myself, as many selfish adolescents do, but I was always thinking about others and their feelings.  No one understood me, and said I was too sensitive, or just a baby.  When learning  and discussing concepts and topics with Lesley I finally had that moment of relief.  Relief that I finally found where my puzzle piece fit.  I finally felt at home inside of her classroom and presence.  Lesley has a way of making youth (that includes myself) feel comfortable and free.  I do not feel one once of judgment when I am around her, and she embodies everything I've dreamt and hoped of being as an adult.  She has taught me more than any other teacher in my entire life, and everyday she keeps shaping my brain in amazing ways with her styles and methods of teaching (along with the content we learn).  I always felt like I was lost and wandering alone, but you made me feel like I was just wandering on my own path to meet you in college.  I hope you can help me more and continue in co-constructing my story with me. Thank you Lesley for being the LARGEST positive impact in my life.  I am ever so grateful for you, and I ALWAYS tell EVERYONE that but you, so here it is; THANK YOU <3  



  1. I think it is so sweet that you chose to write about Lesly! She has truly had an impact on us all!

  2. Gratitude :) And my pleasure.