Friday, September 30, 2016

My Story

My Story

I wanted to fit in, I always thought I could.
I tried to change myself physically, no one understood,
What is was like to be me, and to feel like an outcast.
Being me, was being the fattest girl in class.
My mom begged me to stop eating bad,
Tried explaining to me how my weight gain will gives other kids ammunition to make me sad.
But I told my mom how hard it was for me,
I loved food and it filled me with glee.
But she was relentless and put me on every diet,
None of them worked because only in front of her would I try it.
Behind the scenes I would eat beyond your wildest dreams.
Food never judged me, it never made me cry.
Food was there, standing by me, and was literally on my sides.
No one understood my situation,
My mom was the girl in school who was prom queen and wore bikinis on vacation.
I felt like she hated me, and
I was the daughter she never wanted.
Nothing about me could be flaunted.
But she loved me with all of her heart,
She was so proud of her daughter who was oh so smart.
I could write an essay, or pass any test,
But at the end of the day I still felt like a pest.
Because I could never fit in, like everyone wanted me too.
My best friends dropped me because I wasn’t cool.
I didn’t wear Abercrombie, or fit into the tiny jean skirts.
All I could wear is whatever didn’t make me look like I was going to burst.
However these experiences built me into the woman I am today,
I still struggle with my weight, but I finally can look in the mirror and say okay.
With a half smile, and maybe a tear in my eye,
But with these life experiences I will make sure that no other child lives a story like mine.  
Written by: Ilana Tirocchi

This is my life story, its been written by me and many others in my life... whats yours? 


  1. Hi Llana, thank you so much for sharing with the us this poem that you wrote. I am so glad to see that you are able to take sure a difficult time in your life and choose to make sure that you change the 'script' of what current children may be struggling with right now. May your strength and optimism be a light to everyone!
    Take care, Megan

  2. thanks for sharing this here, I :)

  3. I love you and how you so eloquently expressed your story. I can definitely relate. Thank you for sharing yourself with us