Monday, November 2, 2015


-Codes and powers of blended learning
Teaching life skills
-Teaching students how to follow codes and laws
-Showing how when you do, you become successful by learning the material, and when you don't listen or follow the codes
- You gain less power and cant be a group leader or don't learn the material like everyone else.
-Feel powerful following codes, feel consequences for not following them.

-A young boy in my Mrs. Tirocchi's classroom whose family is from Nigeria has a name that is hard to pronounce for many people.
-He does not correct anyone because he is ashamed no one can say it correctly in the first place.
-Reminds me of when I was younger and I was embarrassed when teachers took attendance because my name was difficult to say. 
-A girl in the classroom on the other hand is anti-Rodriguez because she honors her culture and corrects people when they say her name incorrectly.  -Some teachers cut it short and created a nickname for her, but she loves that my mom (Mrs. Triocchi) says her whole name, and says it right!! 
-The boy on the other hand is like Rodriguez in giving up his private identity for a public identity. 

-New student in Mrs. Tirocchi's classroom, his first language was Spanish.
-Mrs. Tirocchi said hello and other few words in Spanish and the smile across his face was going from ear to ear.
-In that moment he felt comfortable in the new classroom, this created his safe space. 
-He felt like he was accepted and welcomed

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