Thursday, November 3, 2016

Election Bull

This Years Election Bull

     As a non-proud member of the United States of America, I would like to display my discomfort, and issues I have with this years "election".  I feel like this election is a complete joke for starters.  The fact that we even have someone in office who has no skills for being president, and another person who has enough money to cover up her past, present, and future wrong doings makes me wonder who we even are as a country.  I tend to wonder if these rich adults (children) are taking the lives of others as seriously as myself and others I know.  This election is going to affect lives, but as to who it effects, and how negatively or positively depends, on who is in the office.  

I tend to sway more towards the democratic side, and in this election seem to agree more with Hilary than the other idiot.  However, this comes with much hesitation.  I feel completely uncomfortable and anxious about either candidate running our country.  I feel as though Hilary has lied about major major events, then to base your attacks against Trump, as being a liar, and bad person because of it is completely hypocritical.  I do not trust her in office, and I do not trust that she cares about others as much as she displays.  I have seen videos of her having young black activists being escorted out of her conferences, and now all of a sudden she is so into urban youth and helping those communities?  None of it adds up.  

As for the other disgusting/repulsive candidate, I believe he is just as bad as her, but in a blunt way.  He is the epitome of everything I fight against in my life and through my passion of social justice. He is the poster child for white supremacy and anti-blackness.   The only reason I want to vote is just so I know it will be one vote he does not receive, and one more vote that goes against him.

I feel well informed about both candidates negative impacts on our country.  I truly do not feel well informed about what they can/will positively do for America.  I have some major questions for this election, and the future of this country. I feel as though neither candidates can even understand/care to understand the lives of lower income families, and different populations that face harsh oppression.  Both come from a place of complete superiority, and supremacy.   

1. What will happen to the low sauce-economic population? Will they be helped, will more money leave the 1% and be sprinkled into the other 99% of Americans? 

2.Will there be an end to wage gap, and will either candidates fix the minimum wage to fit the cost of living?

3. Will Hillary prove herself to be not a liar, and actually follow through with all the reform and change she promises

4. Overall, How can either really help America be "great"? 


  1. Hi Ilana, thanks for sharing how conflicted and back and forth many voters feel as though they can't make a decision because of the haystack of past indiscretions and trying to sift out the truth from the "bull"

  2. Thank you for sharing!. I enjoyed reading your blog because i have the same beliefs as you do!

  3. I love that you brought up honesty issues that Hillary are displaying. It really makes you think as a voter.

  4. Hey llana, thanks for sharing. We missed you in class on Friday. As I'm reading your blog it is nice to know that you grasped some of the same concepts that we went over in class. Terms such as issues, candidates, parties and where our own heart lies on these concerns.

    Take care, Megan