Sunday, October 18, 2015

Kahne, Westheimer-Extended comments

I used Marwa's Blog as the center of my own to discuss some major point she brought up from the reading "In The Service of What?: The Politics of Service Learning", by Joseph Kahne and Joel Westheimer. 

Quote 1) Marwa and I both seem to agree with he point that is being made.  That is, Kahne and Westheimer discuss how beneficial it is to combine action with the thoughts and ideas, to actually have the students engaged in what they are doing.  This will yield more students to learn a lot more if they are interested in the material.  Marwa also points out that the students can also learn the importance of learning about these social issues.  

Quote 2) With this quote I agree with Marwa.  I am very confused by it, but after reading Marwa's understanding of it and debating it myself, I have concluded something similar to Marwa. I believe here in this quote the idea of the system changing, or blaming its victims (citizens) is what the authors were debating.  This idea of blaming the victim comes from an article "The art of Savage Discovery" that I had read in my Social Work class.  I agree with Marwa that charities and change are both beneficial educationally; however, what is being taught in the charities is that idea of blaming the city, that the citizens need to change not the system.  And this reinforces the idea in the students heads working in charitable/program based environments. The change based curriculum enforces minds to break the molds and put a big crack in that glass. 

Quote 3) I too believe social learning will have a big impact on children lives.   Thinking critically is important and can allow students to notice something like blaming the victim type of programs ran by he government.  The systems every growing flaws never come to an end, due tot he fact that they keep trying to fix us! Allowing children to critically think about governments decisions will allow them to challenge the systems ideas.  I agree with Marwa in the way that outside influences should not hinder our ways of seeing whats truly there and learning something new.

Overall Marwa brought up great points and quotes from the text.  Service Learning can be a great thing when implemented and used correctly.  Change is the most important thing to focus on, and making students think is ways that challenge what our society says.  This critical thinking has personally changed my life and made me think in ways I never considered.  Critically thinking about issues allows one to strip away everything until all that is left is the true meaning behind something.  It allows a student to become powerful, confident, and mentally ready to take on the world. 


  1. I liked how you incorporated Marwas blog in your own. The pictures at the end were great as well!

  2. really like your colorful pictures.