Sunday, September 13, 2015

About Ilana T, who am I?

Hello, My name is Ilana Tirocchi!I  am 20, my birthday is October 21st, and I have an amazing brother, mother, father, boyfriend, and dog!  

School life:
     My life is very hectic and exciting! I am enrolled in the Youth Development program at Rhode Island College. I also have a concentration in Juvenile Justice, and Psychology. The reason I chose this path is because I love children and I love helping those who do not have a voice in this society. Children, especially children of color, are never heard, so I plan on making their voices loud enough for all of America to see that they do have a voice and they will use it!

Work Life:
     Work is usually a part of my life I complain about, but this year i recently acquired two new jobs and both of them are wonderful. I work at Perspectives Corporation & The Rhode Island College Bookstore!At Perspectives, I work with an autistic child in his home on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after he gets out of school.  There I teach him lessons so he can obtain skills that he will need as he matures into a young adult.  Skills like eating correctly with a fork, or learning what colors names are, or even brushing his hair and teeth.  These are all skills that may seem easy to us, but challenging to him.  He's an amazing kid with an amazing heart and I wouldn't trade the job for the world. My other job is at our own RIC bookstore! I know many people in my classes recognize me because of the craziness at the begging of the semester book rush!! Because I was the one running from person to person trying to help everyone decode the ways of the bookstore and figure out where the hell their books were! But I love both jobs, working with and helping people, I couldn't ask for more <3. 

Home life:
     What do I do on my days off, or even in the summer????? WELLLL this summer i was lucky enough to go on TWO amazing trips!! One was a trip to Cancun, Mexico!!!!! :) This trip was with mis primas (cousins) y mi mejor amiga (my best friend)! The trip was out of this world amazing, just so much fun and relaxation. Lay on the beach ALL day and party ALL night!! My kind of vaca!! The next Amazing trip I was able to experience this summer was a beautiful trip to California!!<3 All I have to say is, Proff Bogad, why would you leave such an amazing place!!!!!!! lol. I can still picture myself coasting down the pacific Coast highway with my boyfriend, his mother, and his aunt. About two years ago I visited California with just my Boyfriend. It's becoming my favorite place!! Everyone is so nice, and oh yeahhh I got to meet/see some celebs int this beautiful state. I saw Carson Daly, and met Jeff Goldblum! You could say I'm famous now. But in all seriousness these trips made not only my summer but my whole year, I love love love love love to travel and visit new places and try new food and experience new cultures!! I tried a new food in Cancun and California that I will post pictures of!!! New experiences open the mind to so many possibilities!! Besides just this summer, in my regular alone time, I like to take a drive to the beach, or go to block island or even just hang outside by the fire! I hate being confined in a house or any building!! Im not someone to go out to clubs a lot or drink till you can't say your own name; I am more of a person who like to experience life in fun and exciting ways! For my 20th birthday I will be going sky diving!! Wish me luck <3 
freshman year at RIC!

my little baby boy Biggie <3

Cancun three years ago with my family !!

my boyfriend brandon and I

My best friend and Family in Cancun this summer!

Mango with spicy stuff in Cali!

kisses on the pier in Cali!

Pourt Hueneme Pier

Cactus in Cali!

Some weird fruit in Cancun!!! Delish!

Cancun with the bestie!!

little fish on the sand in Cancun

my view in cancun <3

plane ride en route to Mexico!!! 

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